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Windjammer Cruises is not just the cruise line that’s next to the nearest port from your house as it has since passed that level with lots of features and cheap cruise packages that have turned it to a favorite among tourists. Windjammer Cruises has four cruise ships in its fleet and each of these four represents the style and elegance that is associated with Windjammer Cruises. The four luxury delights from Windjammer Cruises are Mandalay, Yankee Clipper, Polynesia and Legacy with each one sailing forth as a testimonial of Windjammer Cruise’s superior service in the cruise vacation business. All through great tourist hotspots and some popular cruise regions like Central America, the Caribbean, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, St. Thomas and many destinations on the itinerant cruise line’s schedule, you simply can’t run out of a chic choice of a comfort cruise. For a small cruise company, Windjammer Cruise’s cruise ships are spacious in room size and passenger capacity as reflected in the Legacy limit of 120, Mandalay being lower with just 72, Polynesia’s 126 and Yankee Clipper’s 64.

The Windjammer Cruises ship Yankee Clipper has British Officers as its captains with about thirty crew and staff members who are West Indian. You are set to sail with a mix of cultures on your exciting Windjammer Cruises if your trip is supposed to take you to places like St. Vincent, Palm Island, Tobago Cays, Grenada and many smaller islands around these cruise destinations. The Yankee Clipper has a total of fifty cabin rooms which come complete with air cons for tropical regions and their temperatures which may not be conducive for passengers with temperate origins. If you are a couple hopping on this Windjammer Cruises ship, you are free to do so with large bed sizes that are certainly going to contain your combined weights and heights. There is an en-suite shower and rest room with windows for fresh sea breeze to help neutralize the undesirable results of all actions and activities that go on within the walls of all the cabins which double as non-smoking rooms. Meals are no problems on Windjammer Cruise’s Yankee Clipper with family styled meals. Other features are the two-seating dinners, and buffer type breakfast and lunch meals. Beach wears are highly recommended on this cruise ship.

As for the other cruise ships, Windjammer Cruises offers similar features and amenities in each ship and for every cruise except for slight changes. Legacy cruise ship boasts of a complete international staff and crew collection that takes care of you in the nicest way possible. For this ship, Windjammer Cruises offers different vacation packages of a three, four and seven-day cruise during summer when the break is even more thrilling. The summer sails cruise between Nassau and Miami while the winter cruises are active at spring time between the destinations of Virgin Islands and St. Thomas. Unlike the Yankee Clipper, the cabins fore Windjammer Cruises are outside and air conditioned with air outlets with many amenities to cater for guests’ needs. The food on this ship is largely American while there is complimentary wine and buffet for breakfast and lunch. Casual dresses are best for the cruises on all Windjammer Cruises’s ships and Legacy is not an exception to the unwritten rule. Other items you would need are also encouraged; items like toiletries and towel and personals need no prompting to be brought along for the cruise.

The crew members on Windjammer Cruises ships cut across all continents and countries to create a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere among all guests and the ship’s crew. The luxury-filled cruise ships from the sea-stables of Windjammer Cruises are not entirely new but they are renovated regularly to add or update the standard of modern cruise ships around the world. Windjammer Cruises are proud to belong to the class of small luxury cruise lines with a passion for their guests whether onboard a cruise of from the point of making a booking. If you have been skeptical about trying any cruise line, then don’t hesitate to give Windjammer Cruise a chance because all the time cheap deluxe cruises are being discussed, the best match for the title usually goes to Windjammer Cruises as others come only second best to all its services and cheap cruise offers to all its customers.

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