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One of the greatest fun activities to do out on the high seas during a leisure cruise is whale watching. This single but simple activity is worth trying if you have not done it before but for those who are die-hard whale watching fans, there is nothing that will take the place of their favorite water sport. In many rivers and seas, there are whales and dolphins that are adept in marine displays and have turned their pastimes into a safari of some sort for tourists and adventurers who wish to have a taste of the life they enjoy from the surface of the seas to the depths of the same habitat. Cruises have long been arranged as vacation packages for people who have the love of whale watching at heart; and this sport has turned out to be an exhilarating experience for every one who takes an outing for the sole purpose of watching and cheering whales and dolphins doing their thing. Hot tourist destinations for cruises set up to appreciate the whale watching sports are all over the world but you can start at either Baja California or the Sea of Cortez, both in Mexico.

The Mexican Government is ready to welcome you once you take up one of the numerous cruise lines’ offers of cheap sea vacation cruises to discover what has remained hidden for many centuries until recently. You are surely going to enjoy not only the whale watching cruise, but the wilderness of the Mexican wild life and wild lands. Don’t worry about being alone because apart from the caring and courteous staffs of the cruise companies who take their cruise ships for whale watching activities, you are also at home with the whales themselves and this you would know when they come up, close and personal to you. There are different types of whales which you may want to identify during your whale watching cruise. Some of the common types of whales are Fin, Sperm, Pilot, Humpback, Bryde and Killer whales. The dolphins are also categorizes with Bottlenose, Short and Long-beaked dolphins as some of the ones you may come across. Don’t forget that even though you are out there on a whale watching cruise, you will see White Sea birds and avian species whose lives depend on the whales and other sea creatures.

While it is a bit difficult to tell where the best whale watching cruise activity in the world exists, it is still worth mentioning that every whale watching cruise is an exercise that should be taken in order to see another dimension of the lot that nature and the sea has for us. Popular among whale watching hotspots is the Baja California Peninsula somewhere on the coasts of Mexico where lots of whales display their acts to feed the hungry eyes of many tourists and vacationers on the sea cruises. There are many expeditions by tourists in small boats and cruises are especially dedicated to whale watching in the renowned California Peninsula. Mexican sea activities like whale watching offers more than just cruises and sightseeing; because if you come onboard with your camera, then you will definitely have something to go home with. You will then have your personal collection of stunning and powerful displays of the world’s largest sea mammals which are creatures with both human and aquatic characteristics. You can choose to use a boat cruise to enjoy a closer view of the mammals but you have to be very careful lest they collaborate and capsize your sea vehicle.

So tense is the exciting sea life where whale watching cruises are the predominant sport that you will sometimes begin to imagine whether the whales are actually the hunted or the hunters themselves because they could swim very close to where you are. A whale watching cruise is fun for real but as you get engrossed in the delicate but desirable sport, you ought to keep watching your back because they could sometimes splash out their huge bodies in such a way that you may end up recoiling for fear of an attack rather than enjoy the purpose of the cruise and your love of the game called whale watching.

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