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There are different types of cruises meant for different purposes. Among the most common types of cruises, we have family, dinner, excursion, wedding, repositioning, single, last minute, adult, all-inclusive, casino, adventure cruises and we could go on and on. Family cruises are part of the various types of cruises that are in abundance from which cheap cruise packages can be chosen. Families can take advantage of this types of cruises to keep a date with a cruise line on a vacation tour of any sea route, island resort, region or tourist destination at cheap prices and for luxury cruises if they so wish. The family cruises are ways to enjoy wonderful times with all members of a family unit so for this type of cruise, it is ideal for long breaks and holiday periods as it provides the perfect getaway for each family member to relax. Dinner cruises on the other hand are among the types of cruises offered by cruise lines so that guests can enjoy having an outing together with a dinner over candlelight if with a lover or the roundtable dinner cruise with business partners and friends.

Cruise excursion is a type of cruise that is dedicated to exciting adventures in islands and mountain areas of different regions and vacation destinations. This type of cruise is good for student groups and other groups like peers and friends. There are usually Guides for such cruise excursions who form part of the cruise ship’s crew and whose job is to show the group members around unfamiliar areas like ports of call all through the cruise excursion. As for wedding cruises, there is no need to talk about this type of cruise because it is basically a cruise trip that is arranged for the purpose of engaging a couple in a wedding ceremony. This type of cruise is best celebrated when the entire ship is chartered or hired to contain all invited guests to the wedding so that it becomes exclusively a wedding cruise that is dedicated to the couple, their friends, families and well wishers. Last minute cruises are also good for passengers who don’t mind joining a departing cruise ship for about half the cruise ticket price in discount, but they should also be aware of the perks that will not accompany such low prices if they are more concerned about their cruise budget.

Another type of cruise is the repositioning cruise. This may sound a bit strange to many ears but in fact it is not. A repositioning cruise is a way of easing the pains and adding the gains of both a cruise company and its customer. When cruise companies change the sea routes of the ships from less to more favorable climates, instead of allowing the cruise ships to embark on a long and empty trip through several countries and continents, they reduce their losses by offering very cheap cruise fares to customers going their way. So the whole affair becomes a win-win situation for both parties as cruise companies reduce loss margins by about half while passengers save a great deal in cheap cruise ticket prices of up to fifty percent. By introducing this type of cruise into the world of vacation and transport cruises, many companies have made lots of dollars in profit compared to when the cruise type was non-existent. The same also applies to customers who have to pay through their noses to make their dreams of cruising cheap a reality.

A type of cruise that has long been an endearment to many passengers is the cruise dedicated to singles especially adults who are over the age of eighteen. Single cruises have proven to be blessings to a few guests of such cruise ships who have gone out with the hope of meeting someone also single and searching; and together sparks have flown and cupid had well aimed shots at the soft spots of many hearts so that they eventually come back after a few months to charter the entire ship this time for the inevitable – a wedding cruise. Casino cruises belong to the gaming and entertainment category the various types of cruises. As the name implies, casino cruises are for those with a thing towards gaming onboard where many days and nights are spent poring over blackjack and roulette tables in cruise ships.

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