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One of the world’s best cruise lines which has successfully distinguished itself from the others is Oceania Cruises. The now comes across to many tourists and cruise vacationers as the cruise company of the new Millennium having proven to all its guests the worth of its name. As far as guests and passengers of Oceania Cruise are concerned, there are only two types of cruise lines in the business – Oceania Cruise and others; and for the cruise company, its top priority remains its commitment to total customer satisfaction in every sphere of its cruise services, off and onboard. Oceania Cruise strives to provide unequalled excellence in complete passenger satisfaction and to offer very cheap cruise vacation packages to all its clients at rates that will stay unbeaten for as long as possible. For all these promises and the dedication of Oceania Cruise’s crew members, the cruise company now assures all passengers of a smooth cruise vacation experience for all the time they are onboard its ships; all through the various destinations that are covered by ships in Oceania Cruise’s fleet.

With the recent adding of two high luxury cruise ships to the existing ones in Oceania Cruise’s fleet, a total number of more than 650 passengers now be comfortably accommodated in both ships and all of them can benefit from the modern set of deluxe furnishings that come with each cruise ship. To add to the level of pleasure onboard the Oceania Cruise’s two ships, about seventy percent of all the rooms onboard are equipped with private patios that allow a live view of the sea so as to enjoy the freshness of nature’s presence outside the cabin without having to go all out to the open deck of the ship. More pampering is availed to you by Oceania Cruise’s superb dining service coming from the kitchen of the world renowned chief of all chefs – Jacques Pepin. The cuisines cut across several tastes and tongues’ preferences as you are dished out with a platter of a meal prepared by the best hands in the gastric department of Oceania Cruise’s cruises and carefully served to your delight. All meals whether requested or complimentary are sure to keep you asking for more as they exceed your needs.

To give you an idea of the level of personalized service that awaits every guest on Oceania Cruise’s cheap luxury ships, there are four hundred commissioned staffs to take of your every need. This makes the guest-to-staff ratio for the two luxury ships among the highest in the cruise business and stars as a plus for every guest. The latest entries to the cruise line’s family – the two ships that add to Oceania Cruise’s collection of luxury cruise ships are identified by their captains as Insignia and Regatta but to most guests, Oceania Cruise has simply added to their wide variety of choices in cheap cruise vacation packages as they can now select the best package that suits their exact need. With so much to do on Oceania Cruise’s cruise ships and so many services to enjoy onboard, there is no better time to start the experience than now. All cruises embarked upon with Oceania Cruise promises to be a time of refreshment and great excitement.

When you book for a cruise vacation with Oceania Cruise, you will enjoy a great discount that will earn you some savings off the regular rates and depending on your destination and the number of people traveling with you, there are certain privileges you will benefit from, as a special guest onboard Oceania Cruise’s luxury cruises. This and more helps to draw a line between the services of the cruise line and others who are in close competition with it. Oceania cruises form the present and next generation of cruise vacations in the getaway books of many a tourist and for those who are yet to make a trip with Oceania Cruise, the earlier you do so, the better for your diary because a luxury cruise taken with this exceptional cruise line promises to paint the pages of the period you had your cruise vacation in a beautiful set of rainbow colors which reflect how much you enjoyed your cruise with Oceania Cruise.

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