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Sometimes when you think of going on a cruise vacation, you may not really figure out Mexico as one of such places where tourists and vacationers love to spend their summer and spring holidays probably because Mexican islands like Cancun and tourist hotspots like Acapulco are usually called their straightforward names. Indeed, Mexico is a hotspot for cruises and a top destination of many cruise lines but this is just gradually getting known by most tourists who would not want to travel so far away from places like Alaska and cities in the United States just to catch the fun of the ‘Amigo’ Country. However, many people may wonder why they should cruise all the way to Mexico when they can as well take a short cruise vacation to exotic delights like the Caribbean islands. With these thoughts, it is important to clarify that all vacation destinations that are found in different regions of the world are unique in their right and have their own flavor with regards to the features that make them tourists’ dream vacation destinations. Such is the reason why a cruise to Mexico is highly recommended by those looking for new places to explore.

Apart from speculations, Mexico has enough natural reserves to make any holiday maker to the country decide to stay back with cruises as one of the most cherished ways of enjoying a perfect Mexican getaway. A cruise to all the islands in Mexico will take you down to many new places which have hitherto been destinations you could only read about. The tropical wildlife of the country remains a wonder to many tourists and destinations like Cancun have long become permanent destinations in the online directory of travel agents and airline companies. Cruises to Mexico are well talked about in vacation circles because they are seen as the trips to the ports of Mexico’s paradise. You will be surprised at the warm weather’s sunshine upon the forests that line the shores of the country’s seas while you are allowed to appreciate nature’s precious gifts to Mexico when you take adventure cruises for your holiday vacation. You can find various cruises operating one-way and round trips to Mexico from large ports like San Diego and Los Angeles. Along the coasts of Mexico are endless activities which you can partake in, to make your cruise vacation more enjoyable.

Some cruises to Mexico can be taken from the Gulf of Mexico through ports in New Orleans, Galveston; and many of California and Florida’s ports. You may be able to patronize small luxury cruise lines at any of these ports to actualize your dream of a nice and unforgettable cruise to Mexico. The duration of your cruise really depends on how long you wish to enjoy your Mexico cruise on the high seas with cheap night and day cruise packages for every guest’s choice. The Ensenada cruise destination is a popular port of call in Mexico which may help to serve your purpose of a great cruise either going or on your way back. This destination is located in Baja California and can be found some hundred kilometers away from another favorite cruise destination – San Diego. The latter is 3rd biggest city in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Among the features of this fine city of tourist attractions is a natural blowhole known as La Bufadora which spews fresh sea water at a whopping height of about 35 feet upwards. Moving further inland towards the heart of Mexico is Mazatlan.

This destination is yet another enchanting terminus of a promising cruise to Mexico with long stretches of golden yellow beach sands at sunset and boundaries of lined up palm trees that contribute to its beauty as a Mexican port of call. Little wonder it is called the Pearl of the Mexican waters. One popular place worthy of mention is Puerto Vallarta which completes a Mexico cruise vacation itinerary with cheap cruises going to and fro its ports. Activities you will enjoy within the cities of Mexico are shopping in chic districts, fine dining of seafood meals in restaurants and a rich nightlife where you can get to witness Mexico’s hidden culture among the natives of different cities. Mexico cruises are no doubt the missing pieces of a well spent vacation jigsaw.

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