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Have you ever imagined how pleasurable it would be to set out on a Mediterranean voyage? A luxury cruise on the quiet Mediterranean seas that could include stops at various ports of call is such an exciting adventure. Many cruise liners ferry through the Mediterranean providing all the comfort and luxury that is expected of an excellent vacation. Crystal cruise is one of the Mediterranean cruise companies that have won a lot of accolades for the past nine years. It was named the world’s best cruise liner by a Travel + Leisure magazine, which certainly took cognizance of Crystal cruises’ exceptional cuisines. The Mediterranean cruises are most suitable between April and November when the weather is mild and sunny. Do you want to know more on luxury Mediterranean cruises? Many cruise liners such as Seabourn, Crystal, and the Seven Seas among others provide luxury Mediterranean vacations to major ports of call of countries that include Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and the islands of Crete, Sicily and Malta. Some cruise liners extend their visits to Egypt. Mediterranean cruises vary in style and taste in accordance with their monetary worth. More expensive are longer leisurely cruises that sail into small but beautiful ports of call.

For instance, a two-week long Mediterranean cruise starts from Istanbul could go through to the Greek ports and spend three days, another three days at the Italian ports, continues its luxurious cruise on the serene seas before finally stopping at Lisbon. Another of such is a weeklong cruise that begins in the city of Cairo in Egypt, moves through Rhodes, which is the historic Greek island, through Mykonos, and Kusadasi before terminating at Istanbul. Also experience a lifelong memorable seventeen-day cruise that begins in the gorgeous city of Lisbon with stops at different Spanish ports, continues its explorations of Monaco and the Balearic islands. The golf courses that abound en route Spain necessitate the stops. Some cruise liners offer a number of luxurious night Mediterranean cruises to meet the standards of romantic adventures. If you fall among the category of people that relish romantic cruises, this news is for you. An award winning six-star cruise liner – Crystal – provides a wide range of first-class Mediterranean cruises of which many are specialty romantic vacations.

The Renaissance Reflection cruise is an example of a renowned luxury vacation. Its cruise ships starts cruising through the seas with ports of call at Barcelona, Cannes and Monte Carlo from Lisbon. After spending seven nights on Italy’s west coast, the Italian Treasure cruise goes through the path of the Phoenicians in along Istanbul. Its series of travels from Athens to Istanbul lasts for twelve nights or thereabouts. With stops at Kusadasi, Rhodes, and Santorini islands, the cruise finally grinds to a halt at Venice. Large ships do not necessarily provide luxury, some small cruise liners fall in the category of the world’s best. The Seven Seas Voyager and the Radisson Diamond are known for their personalized service of providing excellent dinning options and prestigious accommodations among others. They offer cruise ships that can only contain a small number of passengers, to renowned European vacation destinations. Little wonder the Radisson Seven Seas was selected the world’s best cruise line by the Conde Nast Travel & Leisure.

With cruises that usually stop at major cities like Dubrovnik, Florence, Marseilles, Sicily island, St. Tropez, etc, the Radisson Diamond and the Seven Seas Voyager often cruise the Mediterranean seas back and forth various ports of call that include Athens, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Istanbul, and Venice. Many other cruise liners, which sail the Mediterranean, offer impeccable and selfless services that fascinate the classy travelers. These cruise ships feature state-of-the-art amenities that guarantee maximum comfort and pleasure. While some offer all-suites luxury, others simply offer the highest degree of personalized services. Most other Mediterranean cruises treat their esteemed guests aboard to the most sensational vacation destinations in the world over. Compared to the ones mentioned here, many other Mediterranean cruise airlines abound from which you could carefully select that suit your taste. While most offer real value for your money meaning you will have to spend more for optimum luxury and comfort, you could nevertheless find some that cater for the needs of passengers on low budget.

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