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MSC Cruise, a renowned Italian cruise carrier prides itself as the sole provider of maximum satisfaction in terms of accommodation, fine dinning options, beautiful vacation destinations, and relaxation to mention a few. Form the heartfelt reception of its Italian waiters to its array of both local and international delectable to its beautiful Italian design and style, MSC pays tribute to grace and sophistication. Putting pen to paper cannot describe the wide range of excellent dinning preferences. During your MSC cruise, you will enjoy all the meals that it serves at an hourly basis. MSC Cruise’s committed waiters will ensure that you receive your morning breakfast in the comfort of your room. Just as you will enjoy your continental breakfast in the privacy of your room, so is your casual outdoor lunch served to you by the pool, in addition to the choice of having a rich lunch in any of the dinning rooms. Experience the taste of the assorted collection of wines, which leaves you yearning for more. Guests who are wine experts will testify to the selections after enjoying a sumptuous meal.

Take part in a very pleasing dessert! From birthday celebrations, to wedding ceremonies, to retirement occasions, Italian treats, favorite cakes, pastries & tarts among others. Mark the St. Valentine’s Day with special celebrations that feature classic operatic drama such as cakes and an Italian serenade. MSC ensures that it “spoils” its guests with the various Italian meals on display – be it the traditional Italian cuisine, a rich blend of both the local and modern meals, and the sophisticated taste among others. Dinners on MSC cruise ships are important events. You will relish the taste of MSC Cruise’s traditional family recipes during its renowned seven-course dinner menu. The experienced dinning staff and well-trained chefs are all you need to transform your dream vacation into reality. However, if you think all these are not good enough to suit your taste, please let us know your preferred dinning options. Though, we do not guarantee you your desired preferences, will nevertheless try to meet your needs. MSC Cruise’s sole business objective is to ensure a mixture of safety and comfort.

It might interest you to know that the cruise liners safety and security policy disallows visitors and pets or other animals from coming onboard. It has a team of licensed and highly skilled captains who is supported by equally experienced technical crewmembers for the utmost level of safety. You will never feel lonely during an MSC cruise because the friendly faces that the crewmembers express when they approach you to ask if you have any problem simply shows how dedicated they are. During their selections, these crewmembers were distinguished from other applicants by their professional attitudes to work. Not only interested are all MSC Cruise’s crew members in catering for your every need but also caring enough to ensure that you enjoy every moment of the journey. MSC Cruise’s crewmembers are known for their excellent customer relations. What makes them stand out from the other crewmembers is their ability to relate fluently with their guests different nationalities. During the cruise, such crewmembers’ experience manifest in their willingness to work as a team, and in ensuring that each guest enjoys the best service.

On board, you are treated to a beauty salon that offers a host of services including manicures and pedicures, waxing, make up applications, varieties of haircuts and styling. A large sized swimming pool and spa facilities guarantee meeting your needs as regards saunas, facial treatments, massages, etc. You are advised to book advanced appointments for spa and other services and in order to ensure personalized service. MSC Cruise’s on board shop offer gifts, jewelry, clothing, souvenirs, toiletries, and other sundries at duty-free prices. Get your clothes washed and ironed with the cruise liner’s laundry services available on board for at a very low cost. The cost also includes dry cleaning services. You will be amazed to know that MSC cruise has onboard service providers such as hairdressers, manicurists, photographers, masseuses or other independent contractors. MSC Cruise is independent of the actions of such independent contractors that work aboard its vessels or provide services to MSC Cruise's guests. Come cruise with MSC and you will be glad you did.

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