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There has been an increase in the desire to have cruise ports of call close to home. Passengers want to end the trend of going through tight airport security procedures. Since a vacation cruise is meant to ease your routine stress for a while and help you with maximum relaxation, then undergoing fresh hassles at the airport security seems unrealistic. This is apart from the fortune that’ll have to be spent on boarding a plane to the port of call where your cruise ship is expected to take off. Passengers could also afford to travel by their personal car, commercial bus or train. Even cruise liners are aware of their clients’ needs; they have started positioning their ships on almost every port of call for the ease of gaining access. Having cruise ports of call just a stone’s throw from your home will save you quite a lot since it’s not as if we turn leaves into money that we’ll have so much to spend on buying expensive tickets. In addition, you could utilize your saved bucks to secure a more attractive package, which usually has so many benefits attached, or even spare some coins to spend at your destination.

Here is some information on a number of cruise ports of call offered to cruise passengers from the most common port to the least common one. First is Miami in Florida. A renowned resort destination that features amazing food, beautiful beaches, and diverse cultures to mention but a few, Miami is the busiest port in the Eastern Seaboard. The port, as one of the most efficiently run seaports, enjoys the respect of millions of tourists. Apart from Miami, there is also the Fort Lauderdale, which features many wonderful beaches, lovely & captivating sights, and a number of restaurants. It chooses a departure port and could have as many as nine cruise liners leaving the port of Everglades on weekends. It is best to take a boat tour of this elegant place shortly before your cruise ship departs to see how endowed it is with nature.
Port Canaveral, also known as the space coast positions itself up the coast. It features a number of attractions that include the world’s renowned theme parks of Orlando. With no cruise lines as others, it however showcases a captivating Space Center and Hall of Fame. It has proven to be a worthwhile attraction for those who may wish to take a port of Canaveral cruise.

Moving along to Florida State lays the Tampa Port. The attractions that await visitors here include the world’s cigar capital, the fascinating Bush Gardens and the Cypress Gardens that lies towards the center of the state. Even though it recently gulped a whooping $6.5 million for the renovation of its terminal, the Tampa Port’s does not enjoy as much cruises as others. Cruises are centrally located on the West Coast of Florida. Up the East Coast are cruise lines in the port of Charleston that meet the desires of those Bermuda bound passengers. Situated in South Carolina, the port of Charleston features such beautiful streets and estates as Magnolia Plantation. For a tour of the Civil War memorial, find time to visit the Fort Sumter National Monument as well as a cruise ride to the prestigious Caribbean island. Other ports include the port of Norfolk in Virginia and the port of Jacksonville. Although, the port of Jacksonville has just a cruise ship to offer, it nevertheless guarantees the convenience of the cruisers in the neighborhood. Most sporting activities take place here due to its mild climate.

The Norfolk Port in Virginia on the other hand has a wide range of cruise lines from which passengers can make their choices. The cruise lines offer interesting cruises to three major destinations – the Bahamas, the Caribbean and the Bermuda. Next is Mary’s Inner Harbor, which features a special cruise terminal for any resident of the neighborhood. You will enjoy some of the major delectable seafood here. The attractions to look out for here are aquarium with more than ten thousand sharks, dolphins, stingrays, and tropical fishes. With simply a stroll up the road, you’ll find the Philadelphia Port waiting for you. At present, two cruise lines offer enjoyable cruises to Bermuda from the port of Philadelphia. A visit to the Independence Hall would make you to recall what you know about the signing of the U.S constitution while the Liberty Bell along the South Street features fascinating shops and cafés. Other forms of attractions are the 9th Street Market. The excitements derived here would be incomplete without a taste of Italian cuisines.

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