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A host of activities alongside luxury can be achieved with American Cruise which has since become an epitome of cheap luxury cruise to those who are familiar with trips made with the cruising line. From the very moment you step into the American Cruise Cruise, you would have begun the journey in your mind with all that lies in wait for you within the cruises interior. The captain is on hand to welcome you to the favorite cruise of celebrities and high flyers among those who know the real value of what fun is supposed to be. The crew for the American Cruise are on standby to usher you into the world of deluxe and delight in sea vacation as you move to acclimatize your self, sight and senses in the new sea world of luxury sailing called American Cruise. You will be pampered and spoilt throughout the cruise so that it reminds you that you are one of the select few who have made it to the marine lifestyle and cruise of those who have learnt the new way to getaway – a cheap luxury cruise with American Cruise. With courteous cruise captains, a caring crew and cozy cabins, the cruise is set to begin.

There is a comfortable accommodation for you to enjoy within the decks, while personalized and professional services are on the sidelines incase you run into a hitch onboard. From the yacht, you can continue your American Cruise experience with a beautiful view of the sea’s horizon as you sip away your wine or cocktail of juices, enjoying the sea’s fresh breeze. American Cruise yachts travel during the daytime, so that you can have a more visible view of marine and sea life. American Cruise has Expedition Leaders on each cruise yacht who offer an exciting and educating experience on the culture, history and geography of the various destinations. There are also shore excursions at those destinations. All the sea and shore activities are made possible by American Cruise’s three types of luxury cruise yachts namely: The Safari Quest, Escape and Spirit. On these yachts, there are more than enough staffs and services onboard which have been especially dedicated to all passengers to enjoy their nautical time out in making their cruise memorable. All you need to do is to snap your hands and you have them at your beck and call.

So it does not matter whether you are deep down the waters of Mexico in a snorkeling contest with the sea lions; or you are on the shores of the British Columbia watching bear cubs playing by their mother; or even at the extreme end of Alaska immersed in the thickness of the glaciers of the turf, you are always at home with all of American Cruise’s luxury yachts. There is simply no limit to the things you can do on a luxury sail with American Cruise. Just name the activities: beachcombing, kayaking, surfing, sailing, hiking, scuba-diving, yacht cruising, boat trips, whale watching, American Cruise has got them all. This is because the right crew members are always onboard to do their thing which is ensuring that you are safe, sound and pampered all the way on the cruise. The views of nature’s reserves are perfectly and comfortably within sight whether you are in the cabins in the yachts or on the deck out in the open.

Do remember to bring along your binoculars and camera because the former is to catch a glimpse while the latter is to capture it. You may also need to spot your sunglasses because on the sea, the sun blazes from the skies and reflects back from the surface of the water. When you are on vacation with American Cruise, it is not just for you to enjoy the fresh sea breezes and look forward to the next port of call or better still, the tourist hotspot you have set your eyes on. An American Cruise is always an opportunity to meet new faces while making new friendships which will definitely outlast the cruise itself. The yachts are small carriers which hare deliberately designed to make the cruise groups a lot lesser so new friendships are a lot closer and the bond in interactions even stronger.

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