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There are several types of adventures and they can be categorized according to different activities but for adventure cruises, they can be made on barges, boats, wheelers with paddles, yacht or speedboats. Such adventure cruises can be made through shallow and deeply dangerous seas like the Amazon River, the Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Activities that can be done onboard a sail ship includes swimming, wildlife hunting and viewing, snorkeling, nature walks, diving, birding or bird watching, canoe paddling, kayaking, photography, etc. All the activities that can be done on an adventure cruise really depends on the adventurers and their mission because there is no limit to what nature and its reserves hold for the inquisitive mind of man but all the same the main activities that are usually the pre-occupation or pastime of passengers on adventure cruises are the ones mentioned above. Other simple things that are done onboard Adventure Cruise are open air dining in the freshness of the sea, alfresco tours or transfers, partying or some general form of relaxation.

Adventure cruises can be done in many of the tourist countries and their seas. Countries like Costa Rica are given to this type of sea activity whereby you can cruise to the obscure Curu Wildlife Refuge to go and catch a glimpse of the crimson colored crabs or capuchins in their habitats, turtles totting their shells, birds decorating the trees with different types of nests, etc. Still in this region, you can enjoy Adventure Cruise that will take you to one of the shores of Costa Rica called Tortuga Tropical Island so you can partake in any of the ongoing activities by the riverside. You can take Adventure Cruise in many countries of the world especially those that are endowed with rivers and seas. For you to enjoy such adventures, you may have to go with a few extras in a bag pack or a travel bag. These things will depend on what you are going out there to do but there are basic items like camera and binoculars for capturing the rare scenes, jacket and wool clothing to guard against extremely chilled temperatures, wrist watch so you won’t be caught napping, sunshades to see clearly when it’s noon, and so on.

When you talk about going on adventure cruises, you are probably saying that you are ready to embark on an uncertain form of cruise vacation because as the name implies, it means that you are on some form of expedition cruise to discover something new that lies in or near the sea, or on islands surrounding it. Adventure cruises may not necessarily mean that the activities should be within the sea itself but in a small forest that lies on the shores of the sea itself which will take a cruise to get there. Adventure cruises are sweet in destinations like Alaska around the Gulf Coast. Other places you can enjoy a pleasant and fulfilling adventure cruise is on the islands of the Caribbean where there are so many of them to choose from. The Bahamas islands are always a beehive of activities when it comes to tourists, vacationers and holiday makers going on adventure cruises especially during summer of spring holidays.

Some of the things you can do apart from the exploration of nature’s gifts to the marine habitat all come together to give more reasons why you should take an adventure cruise as during your next break so that you can feel that side of the cruise vacation world. Many adventure cruises are sold as cheap cruise packages by cruise lines who offer this type of sea vacation. You could have an array of options to choose from such as a weekend adventure cruise which lasts for two or three days; or you can pick an adventure cruise that takes just a week i.e. 7 days only. Alternatively, you can opt for an adventure cruise which spans through two or more weeks but this should be during the long vacation holiday when most cruise lines are all set for vacationers to come onboard and time is open wide for you to take your time in actualizing your dream adventure cruise. Nothing could be of more fun than getting high on the seas while watching time glide by.

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